2021 BMW R 1250 RT – Everything you need to know!

2021 BMW R 1250 RT – Everything you need to know!

As the owner of an R 1200 RT – (6 years old and 125,000 km) – the new, revised 2021 model of the R 1250 RT has certainly got my attention. Whereas the previous version of the R 1250 RT had some great upgrades to it – especially in the engine department, it did not inspire me to upgrade.

The 2021 model? Now that is another story…

Being gadget oriented, the technology uplift, features and benefits genuinely have my interest.

The built-in SatNav that is a feature of the enlarged TFT screen is a great idea. It does away with the need for a specific BMW Navigator to be integrated, and since the maps are part of the BMW Connected app, then they could be updated regularly.

The Adaptive Cruise Control – whilst I do not regard this as essential, it should be useful when transiting from one twisty road to another, especially if there are freeways involved.

And full LED lighting for a safer and more enjoyable illumination.

While you can read a more in our recent articles covering the announcement of the new BMW R 1250 RT for 2021, below is a video link from BMW with an in depth and informative view of some on the new features:

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