The New BMW R 1250 RT in more detail

The New BMW R 1250 RT in more detail

With an engineering background and exposure to product development throughout a long working career, I can attest to the fact that it’s much harder than people think to take a good product and make it better. We take a deeper look at the new R 1250 RT for 2021.

With the release today of the new R 1250 RT, BMW Motorrad have excelled.

The enhancements which some will argue are minor and simply keeping up a competitive pace, are a we’ll conceived and executed series of segment-leading improvements that bring an already high-end product back to the very top of its class.

The fairings have been restyled to give the bike a more compact body look and physical presence. This creates a stylish dynamic unit with a less obvious advantage: an even larger field of view. A new revised windscreen boasts an impressive patented air duct, designed to use forward suction so air movement on the upper body of the rider is reduced. The resulting lower air pressure is less taxing on the rider, so you continue to ride more comfortably even after many hours on the bike. 

New LED lighting
Apart from looking good the new LED lighting will give you better vision and some cool convenience.

The new front end with LED headlights are standard and includes an adaptive headlamp which turns into a corner according to your banking position.
Using the key fob proximity sensor, the lights “welcome” you as you approach the bike. There is also an option for the lights to remain on, so to illuminate your departure away from the bike once you’ve parked.

Induction charging
A nice inclusion if you’re one of the many that now use a Qi induction (wireless) charging compatible device. Your smartphone can now be charged by induction by simply placing it into the handy storage compartment.  Additionally, you can use the navigator, the phone and listen to music at the same time. There is also a standard USB socket in the compartment for non-Qi compatible devices. 

New fast access menu buttons
The addition or should we say reallocation of function of the 4 previous audio controls on the left side fairing console.
Four buttons give you simple, quick access to regular or favourite functions in the main display such as navigation or seat heating. Enables you to more easily switch menus while driving and maintaining your attention on the road.

Active Cruise Control
ACC. BMW say “three letters, a big boost to safety”.

With the new ACC, your new BMW R 1250 RT can be set to automatically maintain both your desired speed and, via the front integrated radar sensor, a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

The new ACC has three specific control features.
(1) Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) regulates the riding speed set by the rider.
(2) Active Cruise Control (ACC) regulates the selected speed in conjuction with consideration of the distance to preceding vehicles set by the rider.
(3) The curve control feature of the ACC will also automatically reduce your speed, enabling you to hit a curve at a comfortable incline. As the incline increases, the braking and acceleration dynamics are limited. This helps you to ride with more stability and will give some riders a greater feeling of safety.

The ACC gives you full control: As a rider, you have the option of making changes at any time which will over-ride the system.

10.25” TFT display with integrated Navigation
The large and easy-to-read 10.25″ TFT (thin-film-transistor) screen with full HD resolution is both an instrument cluster and on-board computer. On it, there’s the standard fare including speedometer and rotational-speed sensor as well as map navigation, media, bike information and settings.

If you have the Motorrad Connected App on your smart phone with data enabled then you can now navigate without the need for an additional device.  Using the app or via “the interactive map view on the 10.25″ TFT display, you’ll be sure to reach the next leg of the tour unhindered” …according to the marketing material anyway.

New Audio System with DAB+
A new and stronger amplifier provides rich sound. You’re now able to listen to DAB+ radio or play music directly from your smartphone all controlled conveniently via the Multi-Controller on the handlebars. Speaker covers are new with a tasteful chrome ornament on some models to remind you of their presence.

We’re impressed overall and there will no doubt be other idiosyncrasies and niceties to explore and appreciate so we look forward to a first-hand look when the bikes start to ship internationally in Q1, 2021.