Legendary BMW R7 Kit for your R nineT

Legendary BMW R7 Kit for your R nineT

NMOTO announce a new BMW R7 bolt-on kit the “R sevenT” for BMW’s line of R nineT motorcycles. 

NMOTO, a motorcycle manufacturing company in Miami FL USA, presented the Nostalgia project to the world in October 2018: a beautiful custom BMW R nineT design inspired by the 1934 BMW R7. Combining vintage aesthetics with modern technology, NMOTO’s Nostalgia project allowed consumers to own a piece of history without breaking the bank.

In the words of NMOTO,

“collectors know that vintage motorcycles require constant maintenance and attention, which is why they are more often kept as collectibles than for utility. NMOTO believes that the primary pleasure in motorcycle ownership is in riding, which is why we created the Nostalgia project. Beyond just being beautiful, it is reliable and comfortable enough to drive every day.”


In creating the Nostalgia motorcycle, NMOTO wanted to pay proper homage and respect to the 1934 BMW R7. They also wanted something that was more than a collectable.

The Nostalgia was designed to be a motorcycle you can actually ride comfortably on a daily basis.

With the comfortable suspension and unique steering mechanisms encased in a canonical design, the Nostalgia gives enthusiasts a slice of the past without sacrificing performance or rider experience.

At the core of the Nostalgia is a modern BMW R Nine T, fitted with 96 handcrafted pieces. Constructed primarily of aircraft-grade aluminium, the Nostalgia is lighter than a stock R Nine T and the original pre-war prototype. Modern technology also provides more power and manoeuvrability so riders get the best of both worlds – Art Deco design with contemporary reliability.

Fast forward to September 2020 and NMOTO have just announced a new bolt-on kit for BMW’s complete line of R nineT motorcycles that they’ve named the R sevenT

Turn your BMW R nineT into a 1934 BMW R7 pre-war prototype.

According to NMOTO, their aftermarket kit requires no welding, cutting or drilling and offers an ingenious and supposedly simplified way to customise your ride to resemble the “Mona Lisa of Motorcycles” – the legendary BMW R7. 

Planned for release in October, the retail price for the R sevenT kit is quoted as USD $6,950.00

The kit can be ordered online as well as through participating BMW dealerships. 

NMOTO states, with their new bolt-on R sevenT kit, the only thing that needs to be removed on your stock R nineT is the fuel tank, which is replaced by the new one in the kit. Riding dynamics and seating posture are retained as the handlebar and seat configurations stay in place. If you need to, reversing back to the original R nineT, they say is just as easy.

DIY Kit base price: USD$6,950

Limited time offer: Order before the October release date and get a free worldwide shipping.

Visit the NMOTO website for more details: www.nmoto.com

This is not a paid endorsement, we simply love their work. Good on you NMOTO. Cheers, – Ed.