BMW Airshell Jacket

BMW Airshell Jacket

Lightweight motorcycling jacket in eye-catching neon yellow to ensure optimum visibility in city traffic. Now also comes in Grey and Red.

Highly abrasion-resistant, colour-fast polyamide/polyester blend.
Removable NPL protectors at the shoulders, elbows and back.
Windproof, waterproof and breathable insert with BMW climate membrane and a removable padded thermal vest.

Large, air-permeable mesh inserts made from abrasion-resistant AirTex.
3D lining at the back for optimum air circulation.
2 zipped side pockets, 1 waterproof inner pocket, 1 pocket in insert.

Stud fasteners at waistband and Velcro straps on adjustable sleeve cuffs and collar. Reflective print on arms and shoulder area.
Collar closure trimmed in faux suede which makes it more comfortable in warmer weather.
Connector zip: 40 cm. Regular fit. CE-certified.

BMW Airshell Jacket

Long-term test I originally purchased this jacket rather than wearing a hi-vis vest for organised rides where I was the lead or tail rider.

Normal daily jacket for me has been either the BMW RR Mens Leather Jacket or the BMW Mens Club jacket.

That said, seems I don this versatile and comfortable jacket before thinking about the others. With fully removable thermal inner and NPL protectors the jacket is easy to keep clean and practical all year around.

The one time in several years I wished it had a little more venting was on a trip back form the alpine region to Melbourne on a 45 degree day where we found the bitumen gravel moving around on the road surface as the tar had stared to melt! But hey, there’s really nothing to knock on this well conceived and made jacket.

Last and quite useful test was an off. Doing around 70 kph on compacted gravel, 60 degree left hander. Lots of excuses but one rider who couldn’t find the rear brake in a new pair of BMW GS Boots in time and then tipped in too hard. Can I just say it was nearly 30 years between drinks on the dirt.

Anyway… fool aside, jacket faired way better than anticipated. Dirt in every seem and crease and a small patch of abrasion on the left shoulder above the NPL protector. The rider however, snapped the clavicle right off at the AC joint, banged up hip and broke a foot in 4 places. (Yes, I was wearing new GS boots!) The jacket, is now washed and ready for the next adventure!

Pricey but I can and do highly recommend it.