Editorial Ethics, Standards & Corrections

Hergs Moto is a motorcycle media and experiential events company helping our customers and readers learn, research, experience and enjoy BMW Motorrad products. 

We do this through a reputable BMW Motorrad focused internet publication as well as beautifully choreographed and photographed BMW exclusive premium ride events. 

“Our experience with BMW Motorrad and BMW Motorcycles is the lens through which we focus, to create rich experiences, content and connections which are relevant and meaningful.” 

Hergs Editorial Standards

Hergs exists for all internet users and we aim to lead on transparency, media literacy and by bringing our readers into our content making processes.  On this page you will find our editorial policies, the corrections and clarifications page, published content reviews and resources – including the Hergs Style guides and how to provide feedback or make enquiries.

Editorial Policies & Guidance

The Hergs Board has approved a set of Editorial Policies that set out the principles and standards we have in place to ensure our independence and integrity. Our more detailed Editorial Guidance provides staff with practical advice on how to meet our editorial standards.

Corrections and Clarifications

This page lists relevant corrections and clarifications made to Hergs content across our podcast, television, online and other digital platforms, whether as a result of complaints or for any other reason. Corrections and Clarifications [link]

Content Reviews

The Hergs regularly reviews its own performance against the editorial standards through a range of mechanisms – program reviews, content reviews, ‘checks’ of on-road / hands-on staff and broader editorial discussions about significant issues.

The Hergs Style Guide

Guidance on grammar, punctuation, terminology and usage for all Hergs content makers.

UK and US English is our preference language based on reader demographic how ever all languages are accepted subject to content verification for editorial purposes.

Editorial Complaints

This page provides links to online contact forms for feedback and complaints, and links to other information that might be useful. Contact Hergs [link]