In 2016 Hergestelltes Motorrad started as simply a vision of how things ‘could be’ in a modern motorcycle retail outlet. Since then, the idea has evolved as has the vision which is what you’re about to read.

German: Hergestellt […have produced, made, manufactured ] Motorrad [Motorcycle ] or “Hergs” for short. A company borne from and only interested in BMW motorcycles. All BMW Motorcycles, but a particular interest in custom, cruiser and touring BMW Motorcycles.

Curating news, reviews and views on everything BMW Motorrad.

Filling a need for information and a premium, trusted, personal relationship and experience. Feeding the passion of ownership and motivation to ride with support for BMW Motorrad communities and our own finely orchestrated rides, events and interactions. 
Documenting and sharing the journeys and joy that results. 

We welcome you to…

Begin your journey with Hergs.

A bunch of ex-BMW Motorrad staff with a wealth of previous success, knowhow, love of great products and riding, have embarked on a new venture which is Hergs.

We love to listen to our friends and readers views, needs and dreams so talk to us about yours. Share your experience. Share your opinion and ask us about ours. Explore the world of BMW Motorrad and most of all, enjoy.
We wholeheartedly believe…

Your story is our story.

We’re all about the journey, the relationships and the joy. We operate with the highest standards and trust. We love what we do and so will you.

Our content and intention is not to compete. It is to share a passion, a point of view and journeys that bring people and products together. If we can deliver you a laugh, some guidance or make a connection then our purpose is pure.

“Our experience with BMW Motorrad is the lens through which we focus, to bring you content and connections which are relevant and meaningful.” 

The editor and founder, not originally from the automotive industry. Never raced or ridden a motorbike on a race track. Not fussed on getting dirty post years of motocross. Can’t remember formulas or recipes for torque, power or puddings. Does it go fast… yes, great! Does it feel good… yes, awesome. We appreciate good design, engineering and creativity. Love to reverse engineer thinking, design and detail… while consuming our favourite foods and beverages. Swapping ideas, stories and dreams.

As a highly respected industry colleague said of us…

Happy to be part of this group of like minded people, which appreciate a brand base on its sophisticated and intelligent approach to engineering“.


We appreciate all things BMW Motorrad with a lean toward heritage, custom, cruisers and touring… simply because this is an area in which we play.

Always more interested in the relationships than the transactions but we are also commercially minded offering our experience and connections as both products and services. If you’re in or would like to enter the world that is BMW Motorrad, reach out and have a conversation about how we might be good at helping you.

Our audience and reach is global.

A connection to the USA but based in Melbourne Australia where we write and ride the majority of time, our aim is to provide entertainment as well as news and qualified information for anyone with interest in BMW Motorrad products, partners, communities, news and adventures around the world. We have and attract content contributors from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds and points of view.

BMW Motorrad have sold more than 2,000,000* motorcycles since the turn of the century (2000) with nearly 10% of that in 2019 alone. With a growing user base and global readership, Hergs Moto offers readers, partners and advertisers a wide range of content for an engaged BMW Motorcycle audience.

Hergs Moto is a media and events company, building relationships that result in a journey, collecting, curating and creating content as well as conceiving and conducting premium rides, functions and launch events.

At Hergs, the journey is everything. Join us.

Disclaimer: * Source: en.wikipedia.org › wiki › BMW_Motorrad. We strive to fact check however no warranty or guarantee is provided for any information contained or referenced on this site.
While we will always genuinely keep an open mind, we share a passion and bias for featured products and commercial partners. We appreciate the support of our commercial partners, who allow us to entertain and inform you. They’re our partners because we share common values, trust and joy. Content on this website is all created and/or owned by Hergs Moto Media and Events unless otherwise credited. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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